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23 оf April


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Dear all!

Everyone who is interested in innovations and technologies, future trends, wants to get answers how to find balance between innovations and stability in business – you are welcome to Future-Tech Forum! Our goal – to create a space for effective communication between global thought leaders and innovators

That is why Future-Tech invites you to join the world’s top-notch trendsetters, New York Times bestselling authors, and creative leaders in order to find answers to strategic questions, get inspired by success stories and acquire plenty of new ideas that can revolutionize!


JEREMY GUTSCHE, Trend Hunter, CEO, Canada

New York Times bestselling author, an award-winning innovation expert and the CEO of Trend Hunter – the world’s #1 trend website and innovation consultancy. His team is relied on by 700 brands, billionaires and CEOs to predict and create the future, including Google, Sony, Disney, Starbucks, Coca-Cola, IBM and Adidas. He’s even helped NASA prototype the Journey to Mars!

KEN SEGALL, Apple, Ex-Creative Director, USA

New York Times bestselling author, the creator of the “Think Different” campaign and the man responsible for the little “i” that became the foundation of Apple’s naming strategy. Ken was instrumental in seeing Apple grow from near bankruptcy to becoming the world’s most valuable company.

MAXIMILIAN WDOWSKI, Coventry University, scientist, UK

Ph.D. and sports innovation researcher from Coventry University. He started his career at Imperial College London, specializing in engineering, medicine and business. Maximillian is engaged in the development and implementation of scientific and technical projects.

JEROEN VAN GEEL, Morrow, Co-Founder, Creative Director, Netherlands

Creative director at the strategic design studio Morrow and the author of bestseller “Pitching Ideas”. He’s worked on many innovative products, ranging from the self-service passport gates at Schiphol airport to an award-winning smart projector, Beam.