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loading 12.08.2020

Ken Segall, Ex-Creative Director of Apple, Exclusive for STIC

New York Times bestselling author, the creator of the "Think Different" campaign and the man responsible for the little "i" that became the foundation of Apple's naming strategy.

loading 04.08.2020

Dr. Liliya Bantush about innovations in beauty and health industry

Today the guest of our interview is Director of the Liliya's Center, who will talk about innovative approaches to its activities.

loading 30.07.2020

Ercan Küçükarslan about programs funded by European Union

Coordinator of Erovet’s programs under patronage of European Union.

loading 27.07.2020

Mark Hull about online-education, coaching, sports and motivation

Director on International Delopment at 3D Institute

loading 25.01.2020

Jeroen Van Geel «The Art of Pitching»

Creative strategist, expert of presentations of business ideas, curious explorer, public speaker, author of bestseller "Pitching ideas"